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Possible New Intro

Possible New Video Intro thanks to

How to make your handwriting a font.

Today I’m going to show you How to make your handwriting a font.

First Go to

Now Print

Fill out the template

Scan the template

Upload the scanned file


Name your font

Select your file type

Windows = TFF

Mac = ?

Linux = ?

Download your font

Install your font

Restart your program/apps that you what to use the font in

You have made your own font

You can download my font

Apple Wireless Keyboard on Android Honeycomb

To day I got my dad’s Apple Wireless Keyboard to work on my Acer a500. Here’s how I did it

>Wireless and networking
>Turn Bluetooth on
>Bluetooth Settings
>Turn keyboard on and press ‘Find Nearby Devices’
>you will see something like this ‘_ _:_ _:_ _:_ _:_ _:_ _’ Or ‘INSERTNAMEHERE’s Keyboard’ Or ‘Apple Wireless Keyboard’
> You will get something type in e.g.’6336′ followed by the return key
>thats it

by the way i typed all this with my android tablet and the apple wireless keyboard

Hello world!

Hello world


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