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Possible New Intro

Possible New Video Intro thanks to

How to make your handwriting a font.

Today I’m going to show you How to make your handwriting a font.

First Go to

Now Print

Fill out the template

Scan the template

Upload the scanned file


Name your font

Select your file type

Windows = TFF

Mac = ?

Linux = ?

Download your font

Install your font

Restart your program/apps that you what to use the font in

You have made your own font

You can download my font

Apple Wireless Keyboard on Android Honeycomb

To day I got my dad’s Apple Wireless Keyboard to work on my Acer a500. Here’s how I did it

>Wireless and networking
>Turn Bluetooth on
>Bluetooth Settings
>Turn keyboard on and press ‘Find Nearby Devices’
>you will see something like this ‘_ _:_ _:_ _:_ _:_ _:_ _’ Or ‘INSERTNAMEHERE’s Keyboard’ Or ‘Apple Wireless Keyboard’
> You will get something type in e.g.’6336′ followed by the return key
>thats it

by the way i typed all this with my android tablet and the apple wireless keyboard

Fake iPhone conversations

Have you ever seen those hilarious fake iPhone text, but how was they faked photo shop?

NO theres’s a much easier way.

1) First go to

2) Type your text like this:
Dad: Your mom and I are going to divorce next month.
Son: Why ? Call me please.
Dad: I wrote Disney and this phone changed it.

3) click create

4) click on print screen then paste in paint or command shift 4

5) Crop In a photo editor

6) hay presto you have created a fake iPhone conversation

One prank for April fools

Because its April fools I thought I would show you a free service that you can emails with a custom email to anyone one can send its called hoaxmail have a look


How to make a QR code

Well to make a  QR code you need a website to make a QR code Of.

Step 1) Goto

Step 2) Click Try It now on the iPhone

Step 3)  Select the type of QR Code

Step 4) Fill out the boxes

Step 5) (optional) Select the color of the QR code

Step 6) Select the file format (I recommend PNG)

Step 7) Click Download

Step 8) To test download a QR code Reader for your phone

Step 10) Put your QR code on various things


Youtube Monkeys!

Haha I fount this gag on YouTube today.

How silly can you be teams of highly trained monkeys that’s just stupid!

Whats next hippopotamus for fixing TV’s?

Comment what you think.

Hello world!

Hello world


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